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Replacing Shingles

Building a custom screen porch can require site work.
Footers are dependent on how your roof loads fall on the plans and your soil.
Ledger board for a deck should be lagged in its well as for flashing water proofing

Closer look at ledger bolts and joist hangers
What a double beam looks like and joist hanger
Synthetic materials are much more expensive than traditional wood

Stairs with a fanned look requires lots of work.
This style has beautiful look when completed.
Gives access to the deck from several different locations.

Tying the roof into the home requires a knowledgeable contractor to perform everything needed.
Adding another door where windows existed can really make a big difference.
Temporary supports are used when initial framing begins.

Deck gets constructed prior to frame for porch in this set of plans.
Then roofing trusses and sheathing are installed.
Soffits and ceiling are all tied together and clients start to get excited.

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